Hope in Waiting

Last week was a hard week for my family as we had to put my youngest son’s dog down. People say you should wait before you get another dog. The thing is we have been dealing with a fast decline in his dog because of a missed diagnosis as to what was wrong with the dog. Not just once but twice. It wasn’t until a friend recommended their vet that we got the diagnosis of a slipped disc and his body was ready to give out.

After a couple of hours of being home, he started looking for another dog. This was totally expected of him. He loves animals of all kind. So when he came across the picture of this little pup he had to be at the humane society the next day when it opened. When he and my husband got there my son told the desk he knew what pup he wanted and they sent him back to the room where he was at while they printed the paperwork up. As soon as they put the paperwork up my son took it down and back to the desk to started the adoption. He went back to the room to see if he could hold him and the lady said he was being adopted. My son told her he was the one adopting him so he got to hold him.

Then when it was time to finish the paperwork he was told he couldn’t bring him home because of policy that age they had to do his surgery there and he may not be ready to go until the end of the following week. Basically a whole week without his pup. When he came home my son was upset that he was going to have to wait to get his pup. When we questioned why couldn’t we have our vet do with this. They just said state code. When we looked up that code said that we had thirty days to get it done after adoption. But their policy which we weren’t given in writing is different. So we had to wait and hope to get him on Monday.

It was the hardest Sunday and Monday morning we had waiting in a long time. Around noon my son got an email that we can pick up the eight-week-old pup at 4 pm. The hope had revealed a promise that he would be ours in a couple of hours.

While we are here we have the a hope in the promise that Jesus will come for us we just have to wait.

Monday — What do we hope in? Psalm 39:7

Tuesday — Who waits? What is the wait in? Psalm 130:5

Wednesday — How do we wait? Psalm 62:5

Thursday — What does our hope give us? Psalm 43:5

Friday — What do we get when we put our hope in the LORD? Psalm 130:7

Saturday — Hope in God causes us to do what? Psalm 78:7

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