A Journey of Hope Continues

Like the saying says, “All roads lead to Rome.” Our journey this week we are stopping off in Romans. Paul has a lot to say about hope. We know that Paul’s journey ended in Rome.

When you look at the disciples it was the Romans that killed them, except for John. Not that they didn’t try, they boiled him in oil and he survived. They finally put him on a prison island, Patmos, where he died of natural causes.

Paul had been beaten, scourged, imprisoned several times, falsely tried, ran out of town… That didn’t stop him about the hope he had in Jesus. While he was in prison in Rome chained between two guards he led many of them to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Many of the first century Christians died in Rome. Nero used them as candles to light his gardens at night. He even blamed the Christians for the fire that destroyed a part of Rome. Yet they clung to the hope they had found in Jesus.

This week we are going to do things differently. Write out what the following verses have to say about hope. Write about how they inspire you to continue in your hope.

Romans — 4:18, 5:2-5, 8:24-25, 12:12, 15:4, 13

( Photo by L A L A on Unsplash )

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