Faith & Prayer

I was in a major car accident years ago with major injuries. A dear friend of mine the Sunday after the accident went before her church and told them what had happened. They had her come up and stood in front of the church while everyone in the church came and laid hands on her to pray for me. After the service, she and her husband rushed to the hospital to tell my mom and me what had happened at church. While they were there the doctor came in to check on me the first time after eight hours of surgery. He was totally shocked there was no sign of infection. I was first taken to a non-trauma hospital that just left me in the room to myself with my leg open to the bone and dirt and glass in it for over 9 hours. He thought when he removed cast he would see infection setting in and was shocked to see there no signs of infection. My friend quickly explained to him what happened. It was their prayers of faith which stopped any infection in its path.

It is faith that unlocks the door of prayer. Let’s study the faith key to prayer.

Monday — What type of faith do we need to have for prayer? James 1:5-8

Tuesday — What is doubt to faith? Matthew 21:21

Wednesday — What does live by faith mean about prayer? Romans 1:17

Thursday — What happens when we trust God to keep His promise? Romans 4:20-21

Friday — Part of prayer is the confession of our sin. What does God do when we confess our sins to Him? 1 John 1:9

Saturday — What does Jude say in verse 20 we need to do? Do we need to sit back and do nothing? Or is faith and prayer something we need to work out like our body?

(Photo by Rosie Fraser on Unsplash )

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