Round 2

Habakkuk sets of another round of questions in 1:12-17. Then in 2:1, we find the type of attitude we should have. In this world of fast food, microwaves, instant oatmeal … we seek for an immediate response and tend to give up if it doesn’t come in out timing. That is not Habakkuk’s response.

Read the verses each day in a different version. Keep a log of how each version help you see it. Here are a few: NIV, NASB, AMP, NLT, MSG, ESV … just to name a few. All can be found in one place at Bible Gateway

One more thing to do this week is to go to The Blue Letter Bible . The link will take you to the first chapter of Habakkuk. You will find it is set up to use Strongs. Notice the blue numbers like  H2265 to the right of Habakkuk when you click on it you will go to the Hebrew meaning for his name and some interesting facts about him. Do this to different words throughout the first four verses, write down the word and the different word the Hebrew word means.

Photo by Tachina Lee on Unsplash

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