Princess to My Princess

As you notice in Genesis chapter eleven we start out with Sarai, which means Princess. It is possible that it was given to her at birth. If you have ever gave birth without a name already picked out you go with what comes to your mind. Here someone must have said, “What a little sarai, princess,” or close to it and it stuck. As Sarai she left her home and family to go who knows where, Abram was following where God told him to go. She went along with Abram’s lie about not being his wife in Egypt. She takes things in her own hands when she tells her husband to sleep with her maidservant because she couldn’t have children. At ninety-years-old here name was changed to Sarah.

Even after her name was change to Sarah, My Princess, we see that she was evesdropping, laughed and what God can do and lied about it when He comfronted her about it. In Genesis 20, we see she repeats the lie about not being Abraham’s wife. She must have found the Fountian of Youth for at ninety-year-old King Abimelech wanted her as his. God kept His word and Sarah gave birth to Issac. Then she turns against her maidservant and demands that she and her son to be thrown out of the tribe. She lived 127 years.

Just think, God changes your name to My Princess. You are no longer Princess. The King of kings has called you His. You are dear to Him. What do you do? Do you change the way you live or keep living like you did? Sarah is an example no matter how bad we mess up in life, God is faithful to keep His promises to us.

If you notice not only did God keep His promise to Sarah with a baby boy, He also set her as an example to us as a model wife. Even when things seemed wrong to her, she did what he wanted her to do. Then to be mentioned in Hebrews 11 because of her faith. Okay, you might ask what faith, she laughed at God? She and Abraham still did what was necessary to have a baby and trusted God at His word.

One day we will all be given our own special name from God — it won’t be My Princess because that is Sarah’s.

(Photo by Ashton Mullins on Unsplash)

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