Women Who Fear the Lord – Jochebed

How can we forget the power of a mother’s love. They were those that put their child up for adoption because they wanted them to have a good life and those who adpoted a child to give them a family.

This week we are going to look at one awesome mom, Jochebed. “Who is that?” you might ask. she is Moses’ mom. She hid at home until that was no longer possible. so she built him a water proof boat and placed it in the Nile River, trusting God to protect him. His sister watched over him and when the Egyptian princess found him, His sister set it up that his mom could raise him until he was about five-years-old bringing him up in the Hebrew faith.

Monday — Exodus 2:1-10

Tuesday — Exodus 6:20

Wednesday — Numbers 15:20

Thursday — Numbers 15:32-36

Friday — Numbers 26:59

Saturday — Hebrews 11:23

Photo by Kavya N.M on Unsplash

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