Book Review – Ten Iron Principles

What I love about the book is it is not a here are the principles and do it book as so many are. This book starts out with K. A. sharing how she learned these principles in training for an Ironman race.

I could list the ten principles but then you wouldn’t need to read the book. Instead, I’m going to share my favorite principle, which is number seven — Use Whatever You’re Doing as a Time for Worship. What a great reminder to not matter if you are cleaning toilets or running an Ironman, it is great time to spend in prayer, worship, or memorizing scripture. Something could happen that would make the day be your worst day but when we put our focus on Him and give Him praise you heart can’t stay down.

Of course, my favorite principle may not be your favorite. So get “Ten Iron Pirinciples” and enjoy learning about how to perserve through the hard times.

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