Women Who Fear the Lord — Ruth

Last week we saw Naomi tell Ruth and Orpah to go home when their husbands had died and she decided to go back to Judah. What was home? According to the Jewish Middrash, Ruth and Orpah were daughters to the King of Moab, Eglon. Their brother was Balak, the one who hired Balaam to cuse the Children of Israel. For Ruth and Orpah the home would be returning to the palace, which Orpah chose. Ruth, however, chose to go with Naomi to a place of uncertainty, and one she was not welcomed because she was from Moab. I love how the NET version puts Ruth’s response.

16 But Ruth replied,
“Stop urging me to abandon you!
For wherever you go, I will go.
Wherever you live, I will live.
Your people will become my people,
and your God will become my God.
17 Wherever you die, I will die—and there I will be buried.
May the Lord punish me severely if I do not keep my promise!
Only death will be able to separate me from you!”

Ruth 1:16-17 NET

Ruth had not made a confession of faith in God while she was married. Here we see after living with Naomi for at least ten years, she saw something about the God Naomi served and wanted what she had, even if it meant she would never feel at home again.

This week as we look at Ruth. My friend, Andy Lee has written a great Bible study should you want to dig deeper into Ruth, The Book of Ruth A 31 — Day Journey to Hope and Peace, which you can get on Amazon.

Monday — Let’s look at chapter two of Ruth, we need to look at is Naomi and Rahab were more than likely close friends and were related to each other through marriage. Their sons probably played together growing up. Think about it, Rahab, an outsider/convert, raised Boaz. She probably taught him about her life and how to treat others. In what ways do you see in chapter two how Rahab may have influenced Boaz in dealing with Ruth?

Tuesday — In Ruth 3:1-9, we see Naomi gave Ruth instructions in what to do and say to Boaz and what Ruth did and said to him. Ruth didn’t follow Naomi instructions? What is the difference with what Naomi told Ruth to do and what Ruth did? Using the following verses in Psalm, what did Ruth ask Boaz to do for her? Psalm 91:4, 36:7, 57:1, 61:4, and 63:7.

Wednesday — Read the rest of chapter three, note in Naomi’s instructions what Ruth was to tell Boaz and compare it with what Boaz told Ruth. What did Boaz need to do that caused Ruth to have to wait? How was Ruth blessed by Boaz?

Thursday — In chapter four Boaz goes to the one kinsman that is closer than him. What was that kinsman’s response in verse 6? Why would he not want to follow the Law of Moses? Boaz had no problem in redeeming Naomi and Ruth, why might that be?

Friday — There are certain way things must be done. Sometimes it is hard not to go from step one to step twenty and do every step in between, when they don’t seem nessary. Yet, Boaz did just that, he went step by step to be able to marry Ruth. List the steps in Ruth 4:7-12, Boaz had to take.

Saturday — In the last few verses we see what Boaz did restored Naomi. Why was she happy again. Also we see the geneology from Perez to David. Compare it to Matthew 1. There are some people that say Matthew 1 is wrong no way could Rahab be in it. But Jews are very piticular when it comes to knowing their family linage. Then there is the fact this is God’s word and the linage of His Son, Jesus, there are four messed up women listed in Matthew 1, Ruth and her mother-in-law are two of them.

(Photo by Michal Janek on Unsplash )

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