Women Who Fear the Lord – Deborah

I am so ecxited to be looking at Deborah this week. She is the only female judge listed out of the twelve in the book of Judges. I have seen some add Barak as a co-judge to Deborah’s story, I can’t agree with that, since Deborah called him out for not doing what God told him to do.

Monday – Judges 4:1-3 — What did the people do after Ehud died? What did God do? How long did Israel suffer under who?

Tuesday – Judges 4:4-11 — Who was Deborah? Where did the people come to see her? Why would they seek her out? Who was Barak? Why did Deborah send for him? What was Barak’s response? Did Deborah agree? Why would Barak not get the glory of the death of who God told him to kill? Who was Heber and where was he at?

Wednesday – Judges 4:12-24 — What did Sisera do once he heard that Barak was at Mt. Tabor? How many men did Barak have, vs. 11? With 900 chariots, each having two – three men on them plus an army of foot soldiers that joined them on the way to the river Kishon, do you think the battle was even? Why or why not? What did Sisera do during the battle? Who is Jael? Why is she important to the story? What happen to King Jabin?

Thursday – Judges 5:1-23 — What does this part of the song talk about?

Friday – Judges 5: 24-30 — Who is this part of the song about?

Saturday – Judges 5:31 — What happens to the enemies of the Lord? Those who love the Lord are like what? I included the link to the AMP verision on this verse.

(Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash )

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