My Journey

I am taking part in the Writing Contest: You Are Enough, hosted by Positive Writer. For me, those three words, “You Are Enough,” seem strange to me. Growing up, my dad always told me how I couldn’t do anything right, from learning to paint a desert scene, playing the piano, singing… I was not good enough and could do nothing right.

I have always love reading and writing. In the sixth-grade I got hooked on the Nancy Drew series. My favorite genre turned to nonfiction historical biographies, with my teacher reading a chapter a day of “The Hiding Place,” after lunch.

In the seventh-grade, I wrote an essay on a verse out of Proverbs. The teacher liked what a wrote and gave me an A++ for a grade. She was a hard teacher to impress, and I felt great she liked my paper. Then a group of girls that have had it in for me since the sixth-grade, started bullying me, calling me the “Teacher’s Pet” and the only reason I got that grade was because I wrote on the verse in Proverbs while everyone else picked the easy way out with the other choice.

Years later I wrote about the emotional abuse I went through growing up with an emotional and verbally abusive dad. After I had written three chapters, I ask some friends to review it. They wouldn’t even take the time to because they said there was already a book out there and what I could not compare to it. So, I shelved it and stopped writing for years.

When I moved to Texas, I felt the calling to write again but figured that if there was someone out there writing on the subject, I would get behind them. Which I did for a couple years until I had several friends ask me to write on the subject, to which I agreed and started More Than Just Coffee blog.

Over the years since starting the blog, I started writing books. One is the book I started years ago, in a different format and for a different audience. Now, I am confident as a writer and can say, “Yes, I am enough.” No longer do I hide behind the work of others.

Published by Bonnie Sue Writes

I'm a writer, editor, and publisher. I love serving the LORD by writing.

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