Change of Plans Caused Joseph to Shine

Can you imagine what it was like to beJoseph? In the middle of making his wedding plans, preparing a home for the two of them, and still keep his carpenter business going. Only to find out that his bride, Mary was pregnant. She said it was God that got her pregnant. How his head must have spun what had happened in the past couple months.

Then there is the whole thing as to what does he do with her. She could be stoned, but he loves her too much. Publicly humiliate her and her family, no he couldn’t do that. He will send her away without anyone knowing it. Then as he slept an angel appeared to him in a dream confirming what Mary said happened was true. When he woke up he took Mary as his wife and followed what the angel said. Not only did he obey God but when the Romans required everyone to return to their family’s home town, Joseph obeied even though Mary was close to giving birth.

There was no room for them to stay. No Trivago to look up and save a room. One innkeeper did allow them to stay in the stable. This meant when Mary went into labor it was all on him. For at that point I doubt Joseph would leave her by herself. Between the visit of the shephards and when the wise men arrived Joseph had gone to work there in Bethlehem for they had moved into a house within the two year period.

After the wise men left, Joseph had another dream in which an angel of the Lord told him to take the child and his mother to Egypt for Herod sought to kill the child. Joseph obeied what was told him

A third time the angel of the Lord came to Joseph, after Herod died and told him it he could take his family home to Nazereth. Again he listened to the Lord and they returned home. There they started their family and Joseph taught Jesus the trade of a carpenter.

May we learn from Joseph to listen to the Holy Spirt and follow His instructions.

( Photo by Jeremy Mura on Unsplash )

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