Shine of the Wise Men

Two years after Jesus was born the wise men showed up to the house Joseph had built. Why did it take them two years? They were likely Magi from Babylon and had studied the writings of Daniel. So when they saw the star in the sky they know what it meant. This is just my guess, the star didn’t appear until after Jesus was born. The only thing which happened in the sky on that night was the angels appearing to the shepherds. In Luke 2:9, we find the the glory of the Lord shone all around the shepherds.

Let’s dig into this. The Greek word that is used for glory is doxa. Here is where it gets interesting. When I pulled up the verse on Blue Letter Bible, in the outline for doxa, the third major point is splendour, brightness. The first sub-section is the moon, stars, and sun. Next is; magnificence, excellence, preeminence, dignity, and grace. The last sub-section is majesty and it is divided into three parts, which got me thinking. Fisrt, majesty is a thing belonging to God. Second, it is a thing belonging to Christ as the Messiah. Lastly, the angels extioror brightness.

We know the glory was so bright the shepherds were afraid. If these three form of doxa were combined in the sky wouldn’t it be as a bright star over one place even lasting for a couple of years? Was it the glory the wise men followed? We know that when Moses came down from mountian after spending time with God and his face radiated with God’s glory and it lasted for awhile. So with all this combined glory it could last for two years.

So, if this is what the wise men saw in the sky, then with the travel back then they could have taken two years to get to Israel. A camel, horses, can only go so far per day, let alone riding on one.

But that is not why the wise men shine in the story. Their main gift didn’t even make it into the song about them. Instead it was the drummer boy that got credit for their main gift. The first gift they gave to Jesus was from their hearts as they bowed before him and worshiped him the new born King.

As we enter this new decade and year may we remember to worship Jesus with our whole hearts.

( Photo by Jonathan Meyer on Unsplash)

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