Guest Post – Aretha Grant – The Lord is My Portion

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  I love visiting my sister’s house for the holiday because I know she’s going to have all my favorites, with plenty left over for seconds….thirds if I’m feeling particularly greedy that day.  No one makes mac ’n cheese, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, potato salad, and greens like myContinue reading “Guest Post – Aretha Grant – The Lord is My Portion”

Guest Post – Gloria Boone – 4 Things I Learned About Living a Life of Contentment

Contentment is defined, in general, as a state of happiness and satisfaction. Notice the word “state”. State implies an ongoing place of happiness and satisfaction. Does that mean that we don’t encounter troubles which can topple us from that position of contentment? Of course not! Throughout our lives, we have all been subjected to stuffContinue reading “Guest Post – Gloria Boone – 4 Things I Learned About Living a Life of Contentment”

Guest Post – Stacey Wilson – When Desires Overshadow Contentment

If I only had more money in my bank account…. If my house was bigger…… If I had a new car I just know I’d be happy….. If only I could buy that new furniture……. How many times have we all desired for something more than what we already have? Our bills are paid, butContinue reading “Guest Post – Stacey Wilson – When Desires Overshadow Contentment”

The Heart of Contentment

Trying to find contentment in a world that is full of chaos and turmoil is nearly impossible. That is if you are trying to find it in the things of this world. Fame and fortune can lead to loneliness, despair and even death, as we have witnessed with some of the celebrities. So how do weContinue reading “The Heart of Contentment”

A Lesson In Contentment

I have tried to write a different post on contentment all morning long but when things that are out of your control with your youngest son half way around the world in Africa it is a little hard to focus on anything else than what God is doing in both of your lives right then.Continue reading “A Lesson In Contentment”