Five Minute Friday #Speak

In a world where no matter what you say someone will take offense to it, where free speech is only if those who hate free speech agrees with what you say, there is one example we need to follow. Jesus knew when to speak and when to be silent. He was and is the most controversial personContinue reading “Five Minute Friday #Speak”

Five Minute Friday #Inspire

Inspire to set creativity into action. To challenge someone to become better. To breathe in the newness that only the Spirit of the Lord can bring. God the is the author of creativity and the one who inspires me. It could be a song, a picture, an experience, so many different ways He inspires us.Continue reading “Five Minute Friday #Inspire”

Five Minute Friday – Play

(Photo by Aziz Acharki – Unsplash) I love doing theater. Not going to a play but being in one. Having a chance to be someone that challenges me to step outside of being me. One of Shakespeare’s quotes is “All the world’s a stage.” Stop and think about that for a second. Now let’s finishContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – Play”

Five Minute Friday – Blessing

(Photo by Ester Marie Doysabas – Unsplash) Difficult people are a blessing in disguise. They cause us to draw closer to Jesus. He was no stranger to dealing with difficult people. Just look at His disciples, Martha, the Pharisees, even His own brothers, at times made life difficult for Him. We need to run to HimContinue reading “Five Minute Friday – Blessing”