What Does The Sun Have To Do With Leadership?

Deborah was the only woman to hold the position as a judge over Israel. She was able to find fellowship with God through leadership. The key to her fellowship with God is found in Judges 5:31: “So may all your enemies perish, O Lord! But your friends be like the sun as he rises in his might.” TheContinue reading “What Does The Sun Have To Do With Leadership?”

Ripping Off the Band-Aid of Bitterness

Pulling a band-aid off is never fun, especially if it is stuck to the wound.  When I had my accident years ago the nurses would change my bandages on my left leg twice a day. There was an abrasion on my left knee that no matter what they did to it, the bandage would alwaysContinue reading “Ripping Off the Band-Aid of Bitterness”

What Ever Happened To…

…the woman at the well. Once she understood the Living Water Jesus gave her was not the water you drink but the restoration of her soul she was a changed woman. Jesus accepted her, a Samaritan woman, knew her whole life without her ever telling Him; transformed her life immediately.  When the disciples came back,Continue reading “What Ever Happened To…”