The Lord Is There

Have you ever gone some place and you just felt the presence of the Lord there?  In Ezekiel chapter 48, we see the boundaries of Israel listed. In the center of Israel lies the city of Jerusalem.  The circumference of the walls around Jerusalem is 23,000 feet. Each wall was to have three gates. Three timeContinue reading “The Lord Is There”

The Lord is my Raah

This is actually the opening of Psalms 23.  Raah means shepherd, to tend a flock, to pasture, to keep, pastor, herdsman… Get the picture. Psalms 23 is the best and most well-known passage of God being our Shepherd. David beautifully explains all that He does as a Shepherd, and who better than David to knowContinue reading “The Lord is my Raah”

Casting Stones

Stick and stones…. Have you ever said something that got people really upset?  Maybe, you wrote something and you got feedback that was really negative? In Jr. High, I went to a private school. In English one day, we were given an assignment where we could write on Proverbs 16:18,  “Pride goes before destruction and haughtiness beforeContinue reading “Casting Stones”