Change of Plans Caused Joseph to Shine

Can you imagine what it was like to beJoseph? In the middle of making his wedding plans, preparing a home for the two of them, and still keep his carpenter business going. Only to find out that his bride, Mary was pregnant. She said it was God that got her pregnant. How his head mustContinue reading “Change of Plans Caused Joseph to Shine”

Book Review — NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls

This is out in for Christmas, but makes a perfect gift for girls anytime. What I like best is the wide journal space, so they can learn to write what the verses mean. The coloring spaces are verses and various sizes. It also has refences at the bottom of the page. Being in the NIVContinue reading “Book Review — NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls”

My Journey

I am taking part in the Writing Contest: You Are Enough, hosted by Positive Writer. For me, those three words, “You Are Enough,” seem strange to me. Growing up, my dad always told me how I couldn’t do anything right, from learning to paint a desert scene, playing the piano, singing… I was not goodContinue reading “My Journey”

Our Attitude in Hard Times

I have a confession to make, I was not planning on writing on Elijah and the widow. She didn’t make the list to even get cut from. But this is not my blog but God’s and when He said to write about her, I had to do as He said. There was some reason HeContinue reading “Our Attitude in Hard Times”

Women Who Fear the Lord -The First Lady

I’m not talking about any of the First Ladies of America. I’m talking about the very first lady, Eve. Think about it not only was she the first lady ever, but she also experienced the first in history. Let’s look at what she is most known for an the first in the story; helper toContinue reading “Women Who Fear the Lord -The First Lady”