Women Who Fear the Lord – The Widow and Elijah

We all have heard the story of Elijah and the widow’s olive oil jar which always stayed full. Let’s take a look at the back story in 1 Kings chapter sixteen. It starts off with at list of kings each worse in the eyes of the Lord than the one before. Ending with Ahab whoContinue reading “Women Who Fear the Lord – The Widow and Elijah”

Women Who Fear the Lord – Hannah

The story of Hannah has always been dear to my heart. She was the bullied by her husbands other wife because she couldn’t have any kids. Her husband loved her but didn’t get what she was going through. The Priest Eli thought she was drunk when she was praying. She finally has a son butContinue reading “Women Who Fear the Lord – Hannah”

Women Who Fear the Lord – Deborah

I am so ecxited to be looking at Deborah this week. She is the only female judge listed out of the twelve in the book of Judges. I have seen some add Barak as a co-judge to Deborah’s story, I can’t agree with that, since Deborah called him out for not doing what God toldContinue reading “Women Who Fear the Lord – Deborah”

Women Who Fear the Lord –Naomi

This has been a struggle for me. I couldn’t figure out why God kept insisting on having Naomi in this study. When I thought about it, Naomi didn’t seem to fear the Lord but her husband. When he said that he was moving the family to a place that God had forbidden to live in.Continue reading “Women Who Fear the Lord –Naomi”

Women Who Fear the Lord — Rahab

Rahab is one of my favorite women in the Bible. So much so that I am writing a book about her. After all she is mentioned in three books of the Bible and we will be looking at those places this week. However, I’m going to change up the reading a little and share someContinue reading “Women Who Fear the Lord — Rahab”

Women Who Fear the Lord – Jochebed

How can we forget the power of a mother’s love. They were those that put their child up for adoption because they wanted them to have a good life and those who adpoted a child to give them a family. This week we are going to look at one awesome mom, Jochebed. “Who is that?”Continue reading “Women Who Fear the Lord – Jochebed”

Women Who Fear the Lord – Rachel/Leah

Imagine the planning you have done to have the “perfect wedding” only to hake your dad trick your furture husband into marrying your older sister. Could you wait another seven years to be with the man you love, all because of your dad’s deception? Rachel had to do just that while Jacob worked another sevenContinue reading “Women Who Fear the Lord – Rachel/Leah”

Women Who Fear the Lord – Rebekah

I don’t know if I could leave my family to go somewhere with a servant of the family looking for a bride for a man I haven’t even seen a picture of. Rebekah was given the opportunity to do just that and willingly went with the servant to do just that. When she left sheContinue reading “Women Who Fear the Lord – Rebekah”

Princess to My Princess

As you notice in Genesis chapter eleven we start out with Sarai, which means Princess. It is possible that it was given to her at birth. If you have ever gave birth without a name already picked out you go with what comes to your mind. Here someone must have said, “What a little sarai,Continue reading “Princess to My Princess”

Women Who Fear the Lord – Sarah

She lied, laughed at God, took things in her own hands, yet God chose to honor her in the Bible as an obedient wife. You can find Sarah’s story in Genesis 11-23. We won’t be covering the whole Genesis account. I now in Genesis 11, you can’t find Sarah’s name anywhere. That is not aContinue reading “Women Who Fear the Lord – Sarah”