Book Review – Build Your Best Writing Life

Writing is all in the mind. If you have had bad experiences with writing or are stuck this is the book for you. Having been made fun of in the seventh-grade for having the highest grade on a writing assignment, in college the grade on the assignment was lower because I didn’t follow what othersContinue reading “Book Review – Build Your Best Writing Life”

Book Review – Ruth Redemption for the Broken

If you are looking for a Bible study to start your new year with, you can’t go wrong with the story of Ruth. I have been in love with this story since I was a little girl. She gave up everything to return with Naomi to Bethlehem. Jared C. Wilson has done and excellent jobContinue reading “Book Review – Ruth Redemption for the Broken”

Book Review – Ten Iron Principles

What I love about the book is it is not a here are the principles and do it book as so many are. This book starts out with K. A. sharing how she learned these principles in training for an Ironman race. I could list the ten principles but then you wouldn’t need to readContinue reading “Book Review – Ten Iron Principles”

Book Review — Shame Off You

We live in a fallen world, where people want to remove the blame from themselves and put it on the other person. It doesn’t matter who was to blame the shame the first person felt is still with that person and the person they blamed. Then there are the advertisements that add shame for notContinue reading “Book Review — Shame Off You”

Book Review – Standing Together & Giveaway

First, I want to thank Carlos and Rosemarie for putting their story out there. With our current study, “Women Who Fear the Lord”, Rosemarie is definatly belongs to that group. Not only did she have to deal with the truma of Carlos’ injuries, she struggled with being a wife and support to him and aContinue reading “Book Review – Standing Together & Giveaway”

Book Review – “dear daughters”

I want to start off this review with a great big THANK YOU! to Susie Davis. This book is not only for the next generation but for anyone woman that has dealt with bullying, verbal, emotional, and physically abused. Anyone that has a negative self-esteem this book is perfect. From building your relationship with GodContinue reading “Book Review – “dear daughters””

Ellie Claire Art Journals

Are you looking for something for the artsy person in your life? These journals are perfect them or those that are into Bible journaling. From learning to do fancy lettering to making hand-drawn graphics to relaxing and coloring, Ellie Claire has something for everyone. Starting as a family-owned company in 2008, their vision is toContinue reading “Ellie Claire Art Journals”

The Road To Paradise by Karen Barnett

Has the summer heat gotten to you? Wish you were able to get away to the mountains but can’t? “The Road to Paradise” will take you there the minute you start reading it. Karen Barnett quickly transports you back in time and to the cool forest on Mt Rainer. Margie Lane’s  love for God and herContinue reading “The Road To Paradise by Karen Barnett”

Book Review – God Bless Us Every One

Classics, at Christmas there are certain classics that we all look to as what Christmas is. White Christmas with Bing Crosby, The Miracle On 34th Street, The Nutcracker, It’s A Wonderful Life, and Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, just to name a few. Charlie Dixon doesn’t see much need for the classics, especially A Christmas Carol when it comes to doing school playsContinue reading “Book Review – God Bless Us Every One”