Book Review -Where Jesus Slept

I love books for kids that are repetitive because by the end of the book the kids are saying at least the first line. Norma Lewis has written a great book about the birth of Jesus in this manner. Remember the rhyme, “There was and an old woman who swallowed a fly…” This is how Where JesusContinue reading “Book Review -Where Jesus Slept”

The Biggest Story Review & Giveaway

The author Kevin DeYoung has a brilliant job of covering the Bible from Creation to Jesus. Weaving the need for Jesus to come and defeat Satan the whole way through. He also does a great job of narrating the story on the CD and DVD. The illustrations by Don Clark convey the Light and darkness in theContinue reading “The Biggest Story Review & Giveaway”

Book Review – Bible Belles-Esther and Giveaway

Esther is one of my favorite women in the Bible, so when I was asked by FlyBy Promotions to review this book I jumped at the opportunity. Since I only have grown boys. I asked  a friend if her daughter would be able to help me. I love the story and how it takes aContinue reading “Book Review – Bible Belles-Esther and Giveaway”