Shine of the Wise Men

Two years after Jesus was born the wise men showed up to the house Joseph had built. Why did it take them two years? They were likely Magi from Babylon and had studied the writings of Daniel. So when they saw the star in the sky they know what it meant. This is just myContinue reading “Shine of the Wise Men”

The Shepherds Shine After the Angels

It wasn’t the shine that Moses had after spending time with God on the mountian. The shepherds’ shine was from hearing and seeing the good news the angels sang about. Why did God tell the shepherds first? He wanted to show His love was not for the perfect for people only, but for those whoContinue reading “The Shepherds Shine After the Angels”

Learning to Shine Like Joseph

We know very little about Joseph other than he was a carpenter, didn’t want to shame Mary, and he listened to what God said through the angel in his dreams. I find it interesting God used his dreams to communicate to him like the other Joseph in Genesis. This week write what Joseph did toContinue reading “Learning to Shine Like Joseph”

Learning to Shine Like Mary

Thanksgiving is past. Santa arrived at the end of the Macy’s parade, like he does every year. The hustle and bustle of the Christmas season has begun. I know this because my oldest son, our chruch’s tech director, has locked himself in his room with Christmas music playing while he make videos for the songsContinue reading “Learning to Shine Like Mary”

Listening Party-Amy Grant Tennessee Christmas and Giveaway

Now that Thanksgiving is over and it is official Christmas music time, Amy Grant has a great new album out for Christmas. This CD is chocked full of the Christmas season feeling. From the traditional Christmas favorites to familiar favorites like #TennesseeChristmas to new soon to be favorites. The warmth of the acoustic setting and Amy’sContinue reading “Listening Party-Amy Grant Tennessee Christmas and Giveaway”

Book Review – God Bless Us Every One

Classics, at Christmas there are certain classics that we all look to as what Christmas is. White Christmas with Bing Crosby, The Miracle On 34th Street, The Nutcracker, It’s A Wonderful Life, and Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, just to name a few. Charlie Dixon doesn’t see much need for the classics, especially A Christmas Carol when it comes to doing school playsContinue reading “Book Review – God Bless Us Every One”

Book Review -Where Jesus Slept

I love books for kids that are repetitive because by the end of the book the kids are saying at least the first line. Norma Lewis has written a great book about the birth of Jesus in this manner. Remember the rhyme, “There was and an old woman who swallowed a fly…” This is how Where JesusContinue reading “Book Review -Where Jesus Slept”