Getting Along With People

Recently I took a survey of my readers as to what were some of the topics they would like to talk about. The top two tied, trials and dealing with people. Many times dealing with people can be a trial within itself. Sometimes it seems that dealing with other Christians is the hardest to getContinue reading “Getting Along With People”

Reading Plan – Daily Streams to Quiet the Mind

                     (Daily Streams photo by Anton Romanov-Unsplash) Most of our unrest comes from within ourselves. Worry, stress, fear…. all can be put to rest once we catch on to what the Bible has to say about it.  As we go through the next few weeks learningContinue reading “Reading Plan – Daily Streams to Quiet the Mind”

What Lies Ahead

As we walk along the path on this Earth one thing is for certain and that is the uncertain. None of us know what tomorrow will hold. I was planning to do just the High Priestly Prayer that Jesus prayed for us until I started studying it. The first thing John 17 starts off with is,Continue reading “What Lies Ahead”

When Feeling Trapped

Remember the mean girls at school? How the would find a certain girl to turn against and harasse. Maybe you were the girl that they chose to pick on. Or the center of gossip of those that you work with. No matter what you do you feel trapped by them and it doesn’t matter whatContinue reading “When Feeling Trapped”

A Mother’s Thoughts to Her Son

I have always been in love with the Proverbs 31 Woman. Being her is a different story. Even burning the candle at both ends it seems to be an impossible achievement. So, let’s break it down and see what we find. Most commentaries agree that King Lemuel is Solomon. That would means this is Bathsheba’sContinue reading “A Mother’s Thoughts to Her Son”