The Trap of Enslaving When Forgiving

God through Moses, as he wrote Deuteronomy chapter fifteen explains the treatment of slaves. They were to serve seven years to pay off their debt. They would work six years and the seventh year the master was to forgive them their debt and set them free. During Jeremiah’s time, they would set free the slavesContinue reading “The Trap of Enslaving When Forgiving”

What Type of People Pour Into Your Life?

There are two types of people God talks about in Jeremiah 24, who are represented by two baskets of figs. Those that love God and will follow Him are in the basket with the good figs. While those who choose to do what they want and have nothing to do with God are the basketContinue reading “What Type of People Pour Into Your Life?”

Broken Valentine

Many of us sat stunned yesterday afternoon and throughout the evening as details of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. We are all hurting for the students who the meaning of Valentine’s Day has changed forever. We are praying for those that are injured physically and the rest who are injuredContinue reading “Broken Valentine”


Bearded Dragon, Beets, Baby, Brother, and Boils OK, I know boils may sound like a strange thing to be thankful for. After suffering from MRSA Staph since I was nine years old. It wasn’t until I was 27 that I was diagnosed with MRSA Staph. I had been seen by several different specialists over theContinue reading “B”

How To Lighten Your Heart

Things happen in our lives that can weight us down, from the death of a family member or friend, dealing with a special needs child, finances, to what is going on in the world around us. So how do we deal with a heavy heart when it is weighed down? Let’s look a Psalm 119Continue reading “How To Lighten Your Heart”

Hey God, Do You See Me?

Have you ever cried out to God, wondering if He sees what all is going on with you? There are times that we feel in over our heads with what is going on whether it is personal trials or what is happening in the world around us. Sometimes it seems like evil always wins and GodContinue reading “Hey God, Do You See Me?”

What Is Your Testimony?

(Photo by Kapil Dubey at We are fighting the greatest war of our lives daily. Our enemy is constantly laying and waiting for the best time to attack. He waits for when we put our guard down and then he springs for the attack. The mind is generally the first thing that he chooses to attack.Continue reading “What Is Your Testimony?”

Saves The Crushed Spirit

Legos have their own self-defense when you step on them barefooted but their defensive feature doesn’t work well when one is wearing shoes.  Perhaps you feel like the Lego knight right now with the weight of everything that is going on in your life coming down on you. Knowing no matter what you do to protectContinue reading “Saves The Crushed Spirit”

Reading Plan for Streams of Affliction

(Photo by Micha H. – Unsplash) Last week we saw that we were given the ministry. Even if you are not a pastor you have been given this ministry and at times you are the only Christian that people see. Living in the world is hard and we can face trials in many different ways. LoveContinue reading “Reading Plan for Streams of Affliction”