The Trap of Enslaving When Forgiving

God through Moses, as he wrote Deuteronomy chapter fifteen explains the treatment of slaves. They were to serve seven years to pay off their debt. They would work six years and the seventh year the master was to forgive them their debt and set them free. During Jeremiah’s time, they would set free the slavesContinue reading “The Trap of Enslaving When Forgiving”

The Heart of the Problem

Many of what we see in this world as evil – shootings, wars, genocide, bombings, the destruction of land, loneliness, anger, hatred … all this and more can be boiled down to being a problem of the heart. In Jeremiah 12: 11 NKJV, God says; They have made it desolate; Desolate, it mourns to Me;Continue reading “The Heart of the Problem”


Zebras, Zeal, Zest, Zoos, and Zacchaeus Clean and pure is what Zacchaeus’ mom named him. Sure all babies seem that way when they are born. Something happened to him as he was growing up because when we meet him, Zacchaeus was a despised and ruthless tax collector. He cheated many out of their money. MaybeContinue reading “Z”