Outcast For The Lord

Have you ever felt everyone has turned their back on you because you are following what God wants you to do? Maybe, even because you stand up and speak what the Bible says to do? Family and friends have abandoned you or even make fun of you due to your stance for the Lord? You may evenContinue reading “Outcast For The Lord”

The Heart of the Problem

Many of what we see in this world as evil – shootings, wars, genocide, bombings, the destruction of land, loneliness, anger, hatred … all this and more can be boiled down to being a problem of the heart. In Jeremiah 12: 11 NKJV, God says; They have made it desolate; Desolate, it mourns to Me;Continue reading “The Heart of the Problem”


  Xylophone, Xylitol, Xenias, Xerography, and X-ray You don’t really need an x-ray to see the skeletons on these fish. X-rays only tell what is wrong with the bones they can’t tell what is going on in the mind or heart of a person. We cannot look at a person and know the reason behind theirContinue reading “X”


Mustangs, Mustard, Monkeys, Merchants, and Music From classical to old-time hymns to worship song to contemporary it all can minister to us. Music can also assist in healing the heart, with pain, emotional issues, brain development…  It can help us to remember lists, Bible verses, spiritual truths and more. It can be heard all aroundContinue reading “M”


Laughter, Licorice, Lemons, Language, and Love The English language leaves us with one word for love, while other languages have more than one word. I love pumpkin pie but not in the same way I love my husband. Love for another person is not always the easiest thing to do. As a Christian, it getsContinue reading “L”


Apples, Apricots, Art, Asparagus, and Almonds Almonds bloom in the winter, with their blossoms looking like snowflakes when they fall. In Numbers 17, when Arron’s authority was tested by others and Moses gathered the leaders’ rods and put them in the tent of testimony, it was Arron’s that bloomed, verse 8; “On the next dayContinue reading “A”

How To Lighten Your Heart

Things happen in our lives that can weight us down, from the death of a family member or friend, dealing with a special needs child, finances, to what is going on in the world around us. So how do we deal with a heavy heart when it is weighed down? Let’s look a Psalm 119Continue reading “How To Lighten Your Heart”

The Keys To A Happy Life

In the world today there is so much stress and unhappiness. Just turn on the news for a few minutes and try to find something that is good in what you hear. The police shows of today can be a major stress creator too. It is obvious this is nothing new under the Sun. King SolomonContinue reading “The Keys To A Happy Life”

A Proverbs 3 Sandwich

Proverbs 3 is full of encouragement and refreshment for your spirit. I made a sandwich with two selections from the beginning of Proverbs 3 as the bread and a meaty selection in the middle. Let’s dig in. The first slice is verses 5 and 6. We all know these verses they are seen on posters,Continue reading “A Proverbs 3 Sandwich”