The Keys To A Happy Life

In the world today there is so much stress and unhappiness. Just turn on the news for a few minutes and try to find something that is good in what you hear. The police shows of today can be a major stress creator too. It is obvious this is nothing new under the Sun. King SolomonContinue reading “The Keys To A Happy Life”

A Lesson In Contentment

I have tried to write a different post on contentment all morning long but when things that are out of your control with your youngest son half way around the world in Africa it is a little hard to focus on anything else than what God is doing in both of your lives right then.Continue reading “A Lesson In Contentment”

Heart Prepared

As Christmas approaches, we find ourselves busy with the preparations for all the celebrations that come this time of year.  From baking cookies to rushing about buying presents for everyone on the list, we are busy and focused on preparing the house for Christmas. We fail to prepare our hearts to have room for Jesus atContinue reading “Heart Prepared”

Be The Sweet Aroma

I love when baking and the smell of the warm spices feel the house. It just sinks all the way in and makes me feel satisfied without even eating anything. But the fragrance soon goes away.   Oils, however, the fragrance last for a longer time. I’m sure that you have hugged someone and theirContinue reading “Be The Sweet Aroma”

What Do You Do With The Lemons Life Gives You?

Lemons make us pucker when we eat just them. I remember growing up my brother and I would pick them off the tree in the yard and see who could get one the fastest. He would always win. In life, we get those circumstances that come our way that make us pucker. Not only doContinue reading “What Do You Do With The Lemons Life Gives You?”