Are You Tuned In?

As we look at what God has to say to King Josiah’s sons, the main thing was they didn’t listen what He had to say in the past nor to what Jeremiah told them. They sought to do things their way and not at all to God’s way. Thing is we get that way too.Continue reading “Are You Tuned In?”

Search For Justice And Truth

One thing I have noticed God looks for the one person who is following Him before He brings about destruction. It is His grace which He extends to that person and their family. In Genesis 6, we see the account of Noah and God instructing him to build the ark to preserve His creation whenContinue reading “Search For Justice And Truth”

Truth, Justice, and …

Truth, justice, and righteousness … sorry, Superman thousands of years before you were created God said it was in Him nations will be blessed. It is in His, truth, justice, and righteousness do we glory in. It is obvious that God’s way is not the American way although it should be. TRUTH — ’emeth, means; stability, certainty, truth,Continue reading “Truth, Justice, and …”