Getting Along With People

Recently I took a survey of my readers as to what were some of the topics they would like to talk about. The top two tied, trials and dealing with people. Many times dealing with people can be a trial within itself. Sometimes it seems that dealing with other Christians is the hardest to getContinue reading “Getting Along With People”


Look around. All you see in this world today in division. Countries are in civil war. People turning against each other of stupid stuff. It seems that to be arguing is the in thing. Even if what they say or do makes them look stupid, they do it anyways just because of they disagree withContinue reading “One”

Heart Prepared

As Christmas approaches, we find ourselves busy with the preparations for all the celebrations that come this time of year.  From baking cookies to rushing about buying presents for everyone on the list, we are busy and focused on preparing the house for Christmas. We fail to prepare our hearts to have room for Jesus atContinue reading “Heart Prepared”

A Mother’s Thoughts to Her Son

I have always been in love with the Proverbs 31 Woman. Being her is a different story. Even burning the candle at both ends it seems to be an impossible achievement. So, let’s break it down and see what we find. Most commentaries agree that King Lemuel is Solomon. That would means this is Bathsheba’sContinue reading “A Mother’s Thoughts to Her Son”

Be The Sweet Aroma

I love when baking and the smell of the warm spices feel the house. It just sinks all the way in and makes me feel satisfied without even eating anything. But the fragrance soon goes away.   Oils, however, the fragrance last for a longer time. I’m sure that you have hugged someone and theirContinue reading “Be The Sweet Aroma”

Building With Kindness

We have all seen pictures of buildings that are centuries even thousands of years old and wonder how could they last so long? Maybe, even wish in a moment of weakness that you could be that strong to withstand what trials come your way. For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faithContinue reading “Building With Kindness”