We Are Sheep – Psalm 23

The Bible compares us to sheep a lot. Over, the next few weeks we will look at what the Bible has to say how we are like sheep. We will start with Psalm 23. There are six verses, one a day. Write what is going on with the sheep look at different versions, research usingContinue reading “We Are Sheep – Psalm 23”

The Keys of Faith

There are so many keys that open door, locks, start a car engine… Without the right key we get locked out. Some people have a key verse that they base their life on. There are key principles in life everyone should follow. Like don’t drink from the milk carton. Or wash your hands after goingContinue reading “The Keys of Faith”

A Journey of Hope

It is a new year. Maybe you are hoping that this will be the year you lose weight, get a better job, you can retire …  Who are you putting your hope in Obi-Wan Kenobi, the government or Jesus? No matter who the person is, they will let you down since they can’t live upContinue reading “A Journey of Hope”

Jeremiah 48 Study Guide

Monday — In Jeremiah 48 verses 1-9, what did God tell the people to do? Tuesday — What should our attitude be towards doing what God has asked us to do? verse 10. Wednesday — What is God’s plan for Moab to go through the same thing as Judah? Thursday —  Why did God bringContinue reading “Jeremiah 48 Study Guide”

Jeremiah 46 and 47 Study Guide

There are only seven more weeks of this year. God speaks to those in Egypt. When we are outside of His perfect will, He still brings us back to Him. God has something to say to the three countries involved here. Monday — Egypt – What does it look like is going to happen toContinue reading “Jeremiah 46 and 47 Study Guide”

Jeremiah 45 Study Guide

Just five short verses but there is a lot to it. We find that Jeremiah told Baruch what God to him and Baruch wrote it down. Poor Baruch has the “Woe is me…” Tuesday — Read Jeremiah 45 in several different versions. Write down what you get from it. Wednesday — What does God meanContinue reading “Jeremiah 45 Study Guide”

Your Way or God’s Way

Over the past couple of chapters in Jeremiah, we see people asking Jeremiah the question basically, “What does God say we should do?” Only to see them call Jeremiah a liar and do what they want. This is not a one-time event that only happened in Jeremiah. Throughout history we see people hearing what GodContinue reading “Your Way or God’s Way”