To Tell The Truth

Do you remember the classic TV game show “To Tell The Truth”? Maybe you have seen the remake of it. I would sit and watch it with my granddad. Trying to guess which of the three contestants, all claiming to be the real person…, was that real person. Sometimes I would guess the right personContinue reading “To Tell The Truth”

What Type of People Pour Into Your Life?

There are two types of people God talks about in Jeremiah 24, who are represented by two baskets of figs. Those that love God and will follow Him are in the basket with the good figs. While those who choose to do what they want and have nothing to do with God are the basketContinue reading “What Type of People Pour Into Your Life?”

Getting Along With People

Recently I took a survey of my readers as to what were some of the topics they would like to talk about. The top two tied, trials and dealing with people. Many times dealing with people can be a trial within itself. Sometimes it seems that dealing with other Christians is the hardest to getContinue reading “Getting Along With People”

The Effects Of Our Actions

Our actions have a ripple effect on the lives around us. Like a stone,¬†thrown into a calm lake the ripples of our actions spread out to those around us. It is interesting our actions can either increase the effect our cancel out the effect of another. Abraham and Sarah’s lie had an effect on King¬†AbimelechContinue reading “The Effects Of Our Actions”