Hey God, Do You See Me?

Have you ever cried out to God, wondering if He sees what all is going on with you? There are times that we feel in over our heads with what is going on whether it is personal trials or what is happening in the world around us. Sometimes it seems like evil always wins and GodContinue reading “Hey God, Do You See Me?”

Reading Plan for Psalms 119 Week 7

One of the surest ways to know if you heard God right is to do what He said and then experience wave after wave attack from our enemy. This study has been one of the hardest studies for me. My health has been attacked from the beginning of this study. QOPH The Qoph represents –Continue reading “Reading Plan for Psalms 119 Week 7”

Reading Plan For Psalm 119 Week 6

  Ayin Ayin is said to be the eyes connected to the optic nerve. It represents our will to choose between the evil and good in this world. It also represents God’s eyes on this world watching to protect His righteous people from evil. Pe Pey means mouth and represents word, breath, and speech. It isContinue reading “Reading Plan For Psalm 119 Week 6”

Never Stop Learning

Who woke up early in the morning and eager to go school? I think the only time that I would be excited to go to school was if something special was going on that day, like a field trip. I even have to admit there was a time I didn’t want to go to church becauseContinue reading “Never Stop Learning”

Aim For The Moon…

(Picture by Neven Krcmarek – Unsplash.com) Have you ever been caught in the trap of perfection? Maybe you got caught up trying to live up to what you thought someone wanted you to be? No matter how hard you tried to measure up to that you always seem to come up short. With God, we canContinue reading “Aim For The Moon…”

Reading Plan For Psalm 119 Week 4

  Last week I was unable to post due to a complete body histamine reaction and was sicker than ever before. Now that it is stopped let’s get back to Psalm 119. Yod The tenth letter is Yod. It is the smallest and most used letter. Suspended in the air it starts and ends theContinue reading “Reading Plan For Psalm 119 Week 4”

Reading Plan for Psalm 119 Week 3

  Zayin It may look like a fancy “T” but it makes the sound of a “Z”. It is the light from God to man. The word Zayin means sword, yet the root of the word (zan) means food. Jesus is the Light of God that came to this world. He is the Bread ofContinue reading “Reading Plan for Psalm 119 Week 3”

What’s In Your Heart?

God desires to dwell with us. He had created man the perfect environment to live in and spend daily fellowship with Him. Man, however, chose to break the conditions of living in the garden and chose to live in a not perfect living area. Man lost dwelling in daily contact with God when he choseContinue reading “What’s In Your Heart?”

Walk In His Ways

As we start out in Psalm 119, I find it very fitting start with instructions to follow God’s commands and precepts. The only way we can know His statutes are is by reading the Bible. He has given us the instruction manual to live life by. He has covered what is best for us toContinue reading “Walk In His Ways”