Where Do You Find Purpose?

You can’t find your purpose in a fortune cookie. It doesn’t know you and was made by another human or machine. The only way to find your purpose is to know your Maker. In Genesis 1:26-28, we can see God’s planned purpose for man. Although out the Bible we can see God reveal His planContinue reading “Where Do You Find Purpose?”

Remember When…

Back in high school and breaking up with your sweetheart, one and only, you would sit there looking at pictures packing up gifts to get rid of reminders of what was. As you do you start to wonder, what went wrong? Did you miss some signs? How could you have not seen it coming? WhatContinue reading “Remember When…”

Heart Prepared

As Christmas approaches, we find ourselves busy with the preparations for all the celebrations that come this time of year.  From baking cookies to rushing about buying presents for everyone on the list, we are busy and focused on preparing the house for Christmas. We fail to prepare our hearts to have room for Jesus atContinue reading “Heart Prepared”

How To Walk Through This World

It is so hard to walk through this world and not get stuck in the muck and mire of it. We can let our emotions lead us into where we shouldn’t be. So how when emotions all around us are running rampant do we protect ourselves. Jesus knew that while we are not of thisContinue reading “How To Walk Through This World”

It Is All About Timing

I remember when I would sit at the piano and the metronome ticking off the time I was attempting to playing. The frustration of playing either too slow or too fast. The joy of getting it right. Same with our speech, Proverbs 25:11-25; A word fitly spoken     is like apples of gold in a setting ofContinue reading “It Is All About Timing”

Heart Plans

Deep down in your heart what is your plan? Is it to write a book? Paint a masterpiece? Run a marathon? Or is God talking about something different here? When you look up Proverbs 20:5 in the ESV, NSAB and NKJV; you get three different words. The purpose in a man’s heart is like deepContinue reading “Heart Plans”