Reading Plan – Jeremiah 1

  (Photo by¬†Adria Berrocal Forcada at Unsplash.) King Josiah was just eight years old when he became king. He repaired the temple and worship back to God. However, his grandson, King Zedekiah, was the last king of Judah. Jeremiah warned of the coming captivity and anger of God. Zedekiah was a puppet king of KingContinue reading “Reading Plan – Jeremiah 1”

Reading Plan for Psalms 119 Week 7

One of the surest ways to know if you heard God right is to do what He said and then experience wave after wave attack from our enemy. This study has been one of the hardest studies for me. My health has been attacked from the beginning of this study. QOPH The Qoph represents –Continue reading “Reading Plan for Psalms 119 Week 7”

Reading Plan For Psalm 119 Week 6

  Ayin Ayin is said to be the eyes connected to the optic nerve. It represents our will to choose between the evil and good in this world. It also represents God’s eyes on this world watching to protect His righteous¬†people from evil. Pe Pey means mouth and represents word, breath, and speech. It isContinue reading “Reading Plan For Psalm 119 Week 6”

Reading Plan For Psalm 119 Week 4

  Last week I was unable to post due to a complete body histamine reaction and was sicker than ever before. Now that it is stopped let’s get back to Psalm 119. Yod The tenth letter is Yod. It is the smallest and most used letter. Suspended in the air it starts and ends theContinue reading “Reading Plan For Psalm 119 Week 4”

Reading Plan for Psalm 119 Week 1

So my break didn’t go as plan. No one ever plans food poisoning. Doing much better now. We are starting the Book Within A Book–Psalm 119 Study this week. This study will take us through the Hebrew alphabet. Each week except for the last week we will cover three letters. There is so much inContinue reading “Reading Plan for Psalm 119 Week 1”

Reading Plan Sarah Week 1

As I was seeking the Lord for the next study, He kept putting Sarah on my heart. I kept asking Him for something else. He, however, kept saying, “Sarah”. When I asked Him, “Why Sarah?” That is when he showed me that He was important enough to Him to include her in the New TestamentContinue reading “Reading Plan Sarah Week 1”

Reading Plan – Mary the Sister of Lazarus

As we look at the Marys of Easter there are certain things that we will see in each of them that goes with them due to the name Mary. Mary in it’s Hebrew form Mara means; stubborn, rebellious, defiant, and bitter. In her Facebook Live greeting to a group study about Mary, Andy Lee sharesContinue reading “Reading Plan – Mary the Sister of Lazarus”