A Proverbs 3 Sandwich

Proverbs 3 is full of encouragement and refreshment for your spirit. I made a sandwich with two selections from the beginning of Proverbs 3 as the bread and a meaty selection in the middle. Let’s dig in. The first slice is verses 5 and 6. We all know these verses they are seen on posters,Continue reading “A Proverbs 3 Sandwich”

New Study – Streams of Refreshment For Summer

How many of us come home from a vacation trip feeling like we need a vacation from the vacation? We come home and have to do the dirty laundry that built up over the trip. Go shopping because there is now food in the┬áhouse. Lastly, get everyone back into their weekly routine. Running kids toContinue reading “New Study – Streams of Refreshment For Summer”