Princess to My Princess

As you notice in Genesis chapter eleven we start out with Sarai, which means Princess. It is possible that it was given to her at birth. If you have ever gave birth without a name already picked out you go with what comes to your mind. Here someone must have said, “What a little sarai,Continue reading “Princess to My Princess”

Women Who Fear the Lord – Sarah

She lied, laughed at God, took things in her own hands, yet God chose to honor her in the Bible as an obedient wife. You can find Sarah’s story in Genesis 11-23. We won’t be covering the whole Genesis account. I now in Genesis 11, you can’t find Sarah’s name anywhere. That is not aContinue reading “Women Who Fear the Lord – Sarah”

The Effects Of Our Actions

Our actions have a ripple effect on the lives around us. Like a stone, thrown into a calm lake the ripples of our actions spread out to those around us. It is interesting our actions can either increase the effect our cancel out the effect of another. Abraham and Sarah’s lie had an effect on King AbimelechContinue reading “The Effects Of Our Actions”