The Light of the World Caused the Shepherds to Shine

Why the shepherds? It would be the homless comminity if it were to happen today. The despised, looked down upon, thiefs, those that society has considered to be worthless. These are the ones God chose to tell first about the birth of his Son. Of course the place of his birth was a place theContinue reading “The Light of the World Caused the Shepherds to Shine”

We are Known by Our Shepherd

Last week we saw that sheep are dumb, they wonder away and get lost, and they will blindly follow another sheep to their death. This week we will look at the relationship the sheep have with the shepherd and how the Shepherd sees us as His sheep. This week as you look at these versesContinue reading “We are Known by Our Shepherd”

We Are Sheep – Psalm 23

The Bible compares us to sheep a lot. Over, the next few weeks we will look at what the Bible has to say how we are like sheep. We will start with Psalm 23. There are six verses, one a day. Write what is going on with the sheep look at different versions, research usingContinue reading “We Are Sheep – Psalm 23”

The Lord is my Raah

This is actually the opening of Psalms 23. ┬áRaah means shepherd, to tend a flock, to pasture, to keep, pastor, herdsman… Get the picture. Psalms 23 is the best and most well-known passage of God being our Shepherd. David beautifully explains all that He does as a Shepherd, and who better than David to knowContinue reading “The Lord is my Raah”