Jeremiah 48 Study Guide

Monday — In Jeremiah 48 verses 1-9, what did God tell the people to do? Tuesday — What should our attitude be towards doing what God has asked us to do? verse 10. Wednesday — What is God’s plan for Moab to go through the same thing as Judah? Thursday —  Why did God bringContinue reading “Jeremiah 48 Study Guide”

Jeremiah 46 and 47 Study Guide

There are only seven more weeks of this year. God speaks to those in Egypt. When we are outside of His perfect will, He still brings us back to Him. God has something to say to the three countries involved here. Monday — Egypt – What does it look like is going to happen toContinue reading “Jeremiah 46 and 47 Study Guide”

Jeremiah 45 Study Guide

Just five short verses but there is a lot to it. We find that Jeremiah told Baruch what God to him and Baruch wrote it down. Poor Baruch has the “Woe is me…” Tuesday — Read Jeremiah 45 in several different versions. Write down what you get from it. Wednesday — What does God meanContinue reading “Jeremiah 45 Study Guide”

Jeremiah 44 Study Guide

When God is silent He has something eye-opening coming. Tuesday —  In Jeremiah 44:1-10, why was God angry they returned to Egypt? Wednesday — What was the people’s response to Jeremiah in verses 11-19? Thursday — Did the people learning anything from what happened in Jerusalem before they came to Egypt? Verses 20-23 Friday —Continue reading “Jeremiah 44 Study Guide”

Jeremiah 43 Study Guide

I wonder if Jeremiah wasn’t surprised that the people didn’t listen to him. It seems like every time he tells them what God says, they don’t believe him and do what they want. Monday — What were the accusations against Jeremiah in verses 1-3? Tuesday — In verses 4-7, did everyone go willingly? If not,Continue reading “Jeremiah 43 Study Guide”

Jeremiah 41 Study Guide

When people pretend to like you and then stab you in the back literally. Remember last week Gedaliah was warned about Ishmael was plotting against him? Well, he should have listened. Monday —  What happens in Jeremiah 41? Tuesday — In Genesis 37:12-36, chapters 44 and 45, who was wronged? What was the final outcome? WednesdayContinue reading “Jeremiah 41 Study Guide”

Jeremiah 40 Study Guide

In chapter 40, it seems that everything for those that were left behind things wasn’t going so bad in Mizpah. King Nebuchadnezzar had appointed to Gedaliah to be the leader of those that stayed behind and to report to him. They seemed to be doing good with an abundant harvest of summer fruits and wine, things wereContinue reading “Jeremiah 40 Study Guide”

Jeremiah 39 Study Guide

Ever wonder about if a person who seems to be against you could really be a Christian? I know I have. Still, do with some people. Back in the day, Nebuchadnezzar was one of those people. How could someone that went around conquering nation after nation be a good person? He took Israel captive andContinue reading “Jeremiah 39 Study Guide”

Jeremiah 38 Study Guide

When you think things can’t get worse, you find yourself in a well sinking in the mud looking at the light at the top. Monday — In Jeremiah 38:1-6, four men plot against Jeremiah. They make several claims in verse 4, as to why Jeremiah was working against the people by what he was saying.Continue reading “Jeremiah 38 Study Guide”

Jeremiah 37 Study Guide

This has been a difficult chapter so I am falling back on my youth pastor’s method to study tough passages. Daily read the chapter. Who is involved in the chapter and a little information on each person? Where is this happening? City, what part/s… What happened? God’s plan vs man’s Found how to apply itContinue reading “Jeremiah 37 Study Guide”