Umbrellas, Ukelele, Unafraid, Understanding, and Unity Unity is something that seems very elusive these days. If we the body of Christ can’t be united, how can we be a light to the world? We can agree on certain things that are the foundation of the gospel for that is closed-handed. To let things that are open-handedContinue reading “U”

Never Stop Learning

Who woke up early in the morning and eager to go school? I think the only time that I would be excited to go to school was if something special was going on that day, like a field trip. I even have to admit there was a time I didn’t want to go to church becauseContinue reading “Never Stop Learning”

Walk In His Ways

As we start out in Psalm 119, I find it very fitting start with instructions to follow God’s commands and precepts. The only way we can know His statutes are is by reading the Bible. He has given us the instruction manual to live life by. He has covered what is best for us toContinue reading “Walk In His Ways”

A Proverbs 3 Sandwich

Proverbs 3 is full of encouragement and refreshment for your spirit. I made a sandwich with two selections from the beginning of Proverbs 3 as the bread and a meaty selection in the middle. Let’s dig in. The first slice is verses 5 and 6. We all know these verses they are seen on posters,Continue reading “A Proverbs 3 Sandwich”

It Is All About Timing

I remember when I would sit at the piano and the metronome ticking off the time I was attempting to playing. The frustration of playing either too slow or too fast. The joy of getting it right. Same with our speech, Proverbs 25:11-25; A word fitly spoken     is like apples of gold in a setting ofContinue reading “It Is All About Timing”

Heart Plans

Deep down in your heart what is your plan? Is it to write a book? Paint a masterpiece? Run a marathon? Or is God talking about something different here? When you look up Proverbs 20:5 in the ESV, NSAB and NKJV; you get three different words. The purpose in a man’s heart is like deepContinue reading “Heart Plans”