What Lies Ahead

As we walk along the path on this Earth one thing is for certain and that is the uncertain. None of us know what tomorrow will hold. I was planning to do just the High Priestly Prayer that Jesus prayed for us until I started studying it. The first thing John 17 starts off with is,Continue reading “What Lies Ahead”

The Biggest Story Review & Giveaway

The author Kevin DeYoung has a brilliant job of covering the Bible from Creation to Jesus. Weaving the need for Jesus to come and defeat Satan the whole way through. He also does a great job of narrating the story on the CD and DVD. The illustrations by Don Clark convey the Light and darkness in theContinue reading “The Biggest Story Review & Giveaway”

A Mother’s Thoughts to Her Son

I have always been in love with the Proverbs 31 Woman. Being her is a different story. Even burning the candle at both ends it seems to be an impossible achievement. So, let’s break it down and see what we find. Most commentaries agree that King Lemuel is Solomon. That would means this is Bathsheba’sContinue reading “A Mother’s Thoughts to Her Son”

Be The Sweet Aroma

I love when baking and the smell of the warm spices feel the house. It just sinks all the way in and makes me feel satisfied without even eating anything. But the fragrance soon goes away.   Oils, however, the fragrance last for a longer time. I’m sure that you have hugged someone and theirContinue reading “Be The Sweet Aroma”