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In 2004, I had a choice to make, leaving her hometown of Phoenix, AZ, to move to Ft. Worth, TX, with Rick’s job or stay in Arizona with him unemployed. There wasn’t really much of a choice, we moved to Ft.Worth with our two boys and two dogs. Now the both boys are in college and we have three dogs, a cat and a bearded dragon. I do miss the summers in Phoenix and the dry heat.

One night in the house we were renting I heard God tell me to start writing Bible studies for women. I tried to pull a Moses and explain why I was not good enough to do that and  found an online study that allowed me to lead an online group in. Then in 2014, God used friends and other circumstances to start writing her own Bible study, More Than Just Coffee was started. You know if it didn’t work for Moses, it won’t work for you eaither. God doesn’t take our escuses and will work on our hearts until we surrender to his will.

One of my early studies, Healing the Wounded Heart, has been published on YouVersion and has helped over fifty-thousand people.

I am a member to Word Weavers International, as the president of an online group I have received encouragement and am constantly honing my skills. 

In 2016 I became the head admin for the Facebook group Network of Christian Women Bloggers and have written several articles for their magazine His Daughters’ Letters.

 In 2017, my youngest son went on a missions trip to Rwanda working with Africa New Life. He fell in love with the people and the country. After his second trip I became mom/mentor to a young woman through Facebook. At the age of twelve she started raising her two younger sisters by herself. It has been amazing to see God at work in her life. She is training to be a worship leader. My two boys met her in 2019 and are planning on seeing her and her sisters in 2020 when they go back.

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