Do You Have a Reason?

Hope is a funny four letter word. It, not matter what, always looks to the future, “I hope you feel better.” Even in the past tense, “I hoped you would come.”, hope is in a future action. In 1 Peter 1:3-5 we see;


Hope looks to the future because it is living. It based on what God has waiting for us in heaven and on what happened in our past. The only past event in hope is the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. This is what gives hope it’s power, drive as to holding on to the future. It is the power of our salvation God has given us that protects our hope. In turn, it is the power that resurrected Jesus from the dead that we have put our faith in that is our hope.


Now that we know that the hope we have is living inside of us we need to be able to give a reason to anyone that ask. The only way to do that is to be in the Bible daily, in order to know more and more about Jesus.

A lot of people lately are giving a reason for what they believe in. If you noticed these reasons are given without gentleness, respect, or a good conscience. Some of these reasons have even been slanderous. When you listen to what they are saying it is due to the fact they have no hope. They look to people for their hope which will always let them down.

Yes, admittedly I find myself wanting to respond to a few matching their hopeless speech with why they are so hopeless, then I realize that is not the way to do it. The hope I have is living and love that God has for us is what it is based on. The fact that God loved us so much that He sent His Son to die in our place to pay for the sins that we have committed is mind blowing. BUT it doesn’t stop there. Jesus rose on the third day defeating the power of death and this is the living hope we have in us. That is why when we give our answers of hope it must be done with gentleness, respect, and having a good conscience. Each time when I have stopped and reacted in this manner of 1 Peter 3:15&16, I have always been able to walk away knowing that whatever they say has nothing on me because I spoke and acted based on the hope within me.

Insted of giving peace a chance, give the living hope of salvation through Jesus a chance.

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