The Light of the World Caused the Shepherds to Shine

Why the shepherds? It would be the homless comminity if it were to happen today. The despised, looked down upon, thiefs, those that society has considered to be worthless. These are the ones God chose to tell first about the birth of his Son. Of course the place of his birth was a place the shepherd were familure with. They didn’t need a map of the city to find 1 King David Street. The shepherds were famailure with the stable because they had used it many times for their sheep with lambs. And now the Lamb of God was there.

The shepherds didn’t wait until dawn or until the census was over and there would be less people to deal with, they went imediately after Harold and the Angles did their concert. They found Mary and the baby just as the angel said. Once they worshipped the baby they told everyone they came in contact with what happened and what they saw. Shepherds who were not allow to worship in the temple, because they were consider unclean, became the first witness of the newborn Son of God, the King of the Jews, laying in the manger.

This Christmas may Linus remind us of what the true meaning os Christmas is and react as the shepherds did to the news.

( Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash)

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