Five Minute Friday – Play

(Photo by Aziz Acharki – Unsplash)

I love doing theater. Not going to a play but being in one. Having a chance to be someone that challenges me to step outside of being me. One of Shakespeare’s quotes is “All the world’s a stage.” Stop and think about that for a second. Now let’s finish the quote, “And all the men and women merely players.” The truth behind this quote is so real. We all put on masks to cover up who we really are. God sees us as we really are. He is not fooled by our role play. One last quote from Shakespeare, “To thine own self be true.”

Fridays, are Five Minute Fridays. Take the time to write for 5 minutes on the given word. This week the word is play. This is a great way to start writing. A small yet daring step. Here is the link to follow if you want to join: Five Minute Friday – Play


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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Play

  1. I love acting too- it’s fun to take on a different character- but I agree, it’s also easy to act our way through life, hiding behind a mask and that’s not so good. I like how you incorporated the Shakespeare quotes. Visiting from FMF#29.

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