What Does The Sun Have To Do With Leadership?

Deborah was the only woman to hold the position as a judge over Israel. She was able to find fellowship with God through leadership. The key to her fellowship with God is found in Judges 5:31:

“So may all your enemies perish, O Lord!
But your friends be like the sun as he rises in his might.”

The key is friends of God are like the noonday sun. There are several aspects of the sun at high noon that are important in leadership and being a friend of God.

Creates A Thirst

Growing up in Phoenix, AZ, you learn about the noonday sun fast. During the Summer when the temperature reaches 115+, you get thirsty fast. The hot desert sun creates a thirst only water can quench. A good leader not only will not only create a thirst for the Word of God but also point people to the Living Water, Jesus.

There Is No Shadow

There is an old cartoon of a dog stretched out trying to follow the shade of a saguaro catus. Shade offers rest from the heat of the sun. However, when the sun is directly over head there is no shade and the only relief then is constant movement. A good leader is going to be someone who will not let you be comfortable fo the easy way of life. They will keep you moving towards your goal.
Shrinks The Problem

Having dealt with MRSA Staph for almost 40 years, within the past 5 years I found out how good the sun works on killing it. I have had flare ups that would be the size of my palm and go lay out in the sun for about 20 minutes, making sure that the staph was in the sunlight. The next morning it would be almost if not completely gone. In light of the recent events in Charleston, SC, this has never been more obvious. The church has been a major leader in the love and forgiveness of God. The opposite of what the shooter was hoping for. They have shrunk the race war, he was hoping to start by his actions. Instead of riots, anger and hate the church has lead with love, forgiveness and compassion for this young man.

It Still Gets Through

It maybe cloudy outside but as long as it is day time the light still comes through. Sure there are times it maybe darker than other times but the light is still there in spite of the storm. Likewise, a good leader is going to be there leading the way especially when the times get hard.

It Strengthens 

One of the benefits we get from the sun is Vitamin D. The sun is the body’s best source of this vitamin. One thing that Vitamin D does is it actually acts as a steroid. It helps to relieve pain and helps to strengthen the body. The Russian athletes use the sun to help build muscle, strength, and endurance.

So let the Light of the Son shine through you as others look to you to lead them in this dark world.

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