Mizpah — A Place of Refuge?

We have no clue why Jeremiah decided to not go with the captain where he would be safe. He chose to stay in Mizpah with the governor the king of Babylon put in charge of Judah. Mizpah is the place Laban chased Jacob to when he left with his two wives, which were Laban’s daughters.

Jacob had tricked his brother for his birthright, later Laban tricked Jacob into marrying Leah before he could marry Rachel. When the Jacob got news that Laban’s sons were out to get him so he took off with his family. Laban caught up with Jacob and the two of them built a stone altar as a reminder for each to stay on their side. Laban charged Jacob that God will be watching him so he better be good to his daughters or else. Also if he crossed the altar the Laban will kill him. This is not the friendly little “God watch over you while we are apart.”  so many people wear as a necklace.

Yet, it seems to be a place of refuge at the time of Jeremiah. Surely, the king would make sure his governor was safe to keep an uprising from happening. Even when the governor was warned of a possible uprising he brushed it off.

Lesson learned. When God provides don’t turn it away. When He gives a warning, you might want to listen to it.

(Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash)

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