What is Going On Inside the Church?

Both in Jeremiah 7 and in John 2, we see there was corruption going on in the leadership part of the church. The priest had turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the things that they should have put stop to. At times they were even involved in it by leading the people away from what God had said.

The people were oppressed by the priest. Whether it was having to pay an extremely high price for an animal to sacrifice or being led into sin and worship of false gods bring about the wrath of God. The priest failed to perform their duties in leading the people to the true worship of God.

They placed unnecessary burdens on the people, didn’t follow the instructions God had set before them. The priest failed to take care of those who were looked down upon because of their place in society and pandered to those who were rich. They failed to be a proper example of who God was to the people.

Sad to say that there are some churches today that place undue burdens on those that go to them. What to wear, eat, not eat, do this and that, give … the list goes on. Some of these have made their way onto television, which has many nonbelievers turned against God.

We as the Church of Christ, need to be the example of God and His love to a lost world. We better not be joinig in what they are doing for then they would not see God as who He is.



(Photo by Deividas Toleikis on Unsplash)

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