Reading Plan for Psalm 119 Week 1

PS 119 wk 1

So my break didn’t go as plan. No one ever plans food poisoning. Doing much better now. We are starting the Book Within A Book–Psalm 119 Study this week. This study will take us through the Hebrew alphabet. Each week except for the last week we will cover three letters. There is so much in each letter alone I will take time in the Reading Plan to write highlights about each letter. Here we go.


Aleph — The first letter of the alphabet. It doesn’t make a sound. The two hooks (yods) off the diagonal line (vay), are arms reaching to Heaven and touching Earth. This represents Jesus the Messiah with His hands touching man and God. In Mark 14:61, we read how Jesus was silent before His accusers just like the aleph is silent.


Beth – Bet make the “b” sound as in boy. It represents creation, a dwelling place, and it suggest God’s desire to dwell with His creation.


Gimmel – has the “g” sound like girl. It is like a camel that raises up the person on its back. In that picture it represents Jesus the Messiah defeating sin and conquering death for us. It also represents the Holy Spirit as the Helper. As God’s outstretched hand to us it shows His grace.


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